What it’s like to be a bat

Have you dreamed to be a ferocious tiger, a sly fox, or even a soaring eagle?

you shriek. Who’d ever want to be a bat? I will just skip my entire life among those, if you don’t mind.”

That’s understandable, but don’t shut your mind the thought until you hear a bit more about them. They really are one of the most interesting creatures alive.

Did you know that bats aren’t birds? They, such as human beings, are all mammals. Baby bats feed on milk from their mothers’ breasts, and so are already around three fourths of the adult size at birth.

Bats are the only mammals that can fly. If you were a bat, you could fly more than 2 miles high.Animal, Bat, Flight, Flying, Mammal

Wouldn’t it be fun to hang upside down from the light over your mattress, and jolt your parents when they arrived to say good-night?

There are over 1000 different types of bats in the entire world. You could choose to be a fruit-eating macro bat, with a 6-foot wing-span, or a little Bumblebee micro bat, weighing less than a penny.

Micro bats in North America weigh only a couple ounces, and live mostly on insects. One small micro bat can eat 600 insects an hour. Well, since we are only faking, maybe some juicy mosquito protein for dinner would not be too bad. As soon as you begin to munch up those pesky insects, the entire world will surely be a better place.

From time to time, bats capture insects in their mouths, but frequently, they use their wings to slap insects to a membrane, or part of skin between their legs, which is used like a bag for storage. Later, they poke their heads down into the tote to gobble up their dinner. (The membrane is also utilised to catch bat babies when they’re born.)

Ever wonder how bees find all those insects they consume? Their eyes are pretty weak in comparison to other mammals and many birds, but bats have a secret weapon known as echolocation. This is a kind of sonar system bats use to find food, and also to prevent bumping into things.

Most bats create a high-value seem as they fly along. The sound, as it strikes a thing before this bat, echoes back and informs the bat how large the object is, and just how far away it is. Some insects hear that the noise and escape the way, but most aren’t fast enough.

Apart from the ones that consume fruit and the ones that eat insects, there are bats that eat fish, frogs, and even blood. The ones that live on blood are called Vampire Bats. But do not be concerned about them. They reside in South America, and don’t like human blood all that much. Their favorite diet is blood from cattle, so they may be a huge nuisance to farmers.

Lots of people believe bats are evil creatures, but that is far from authentic. Examine a number of the good things they do.

* Bats eat countless tons of insects every night, saving us the trouble and expense of spraying with pesticides that are dangerous.

* Bats carry seed and pollen to renew tropical rain forest trees and plants.

* Bananas, lettuce, vanilla, and peaches are pollinated by bats.

* Bat droppings, (guano), found in caves, provide a significant ingredient in compost. Many workers make a living collecting guano.

If bats disappeared, so would these magnificent plants.

* Studying bats helped our authorities grow radar and sonar.

* Even Vampire Bats are not all bad. Their saliva is being studied for use in keeping the bloodstream of heart patients from clotting.

Pesticides, used by humans, kill millions of bats every year. Most people, if they find a bat, try to kill it or frighten it away. Cave explorers sometimes frighten bats away; when the bats cannot locate another roost immediately, their young can die from the cold. Bats that allow you to get too close might be ill, so never touch one you find on the ground. Call a Bat Removal Company.

Scientists are trying to protect the bats which are abandoned by teaching people more about these. Ask them not to disturb bats which are roosting.

Now that you know more about bats, don’t you agree that becoming one, at least in your imagination, for only a short while, could be sort of fun?

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