Are Vehicle Wraps Worth It?

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Mobile advertising is when one displays their name, service or merchandise together with address and contact details. It is also the quickest type of marketing as possible clientele detect it immediately.

From being stuck in traffic to driving a company vehicle, vehicle wraps always make an impression. They catch the interest of individuals wherever they move by turning heads. A well-designed warp can clearly specify a vehicle apart with its unorthodox visual appeal. It’s the longest serving brand of advertising with wraps functioning without problems for around four to five years if cared for. They also give the best return on money spent for not only companies but events, products, and services. If you’re looking for the most versatile choice for every dollar spent on successful promotion, wraps are your number 1 choice!


To make it easier to understand, here are some advantages of using vehicle wraps and why they’re a memorable way of spreading the word about your business.

Grabs Attention: with its visual appeal including bright colours and design, company vehicles are prominent on the road in the middle of traffic. A plain white van, for example, wouldn’t be able to come to anyone’s attention but a well-designed vehicle wrap is nearly instantly noticed.
Wider Audiences: if the fleet is large enough and if business vehicles travel far and often, a company is able to reach tens of thousands a month. With this form of advertising, a much larger audience is reached out to.
Friendly Advertising: print advertisements and other mediums can disrupt a individual, by way of instance, while reading, but vehicle wraps draw the attention without being a hassle. The message is given off in such a way that it’s not a distraction. Customers respond in a much more positive way for this non-assertive method.
It is for every business: restaurants, specialists, consultants, healthcare services and construction companies can utilize wraps. They aren’t limited to particular businesses or industries.
How Much Does It Cost?

Vehicle wraps are demonstrated to be low cost and create the largest impressions of all forms of advertising. It’s unlike other mediums such as billboards where wraps operate like a moving promotion campaign and work twenty-four hours a day all year-round. The rates of impression change according to the size of the city and the population but a wrap can generate anywhere from thirty to eighty thousand impressions each day. That’s a good number, but if you are a company, the more the merrier! Small business owners consider an investment of three thousand dollars that would work for five decades. Against other types of publicity for the same duration of time, this is peanuts!

A Signal Promotion is proud to serve its clientele in the Edmonton area with high quality solutions for all types of wraps, signs and decals. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our production methods and utilization of first class materials for our customers.

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